Established in 2007 in an economically and strategically efficient region in the Western Black Sea Region, Karabük University has started its educational and research activities with 4 faculties, 1 college and 2 vocational colleges, 116 academic staff, 122 administrative staff and 4685 students.
Along with being a young university, every inhabitant in the newly established universities is a university that aims to be self-explanatory and exemplary by advancing confidently in the way of reaching the level of anti-Islamic civilizations that has completed its infrastructure by showing rapid development and change.
Today, Karabük University, which has 52 thousand students, has 14 faculties, 4 institutes, 4 colleges, 7 vocational high schools and 956 teaching staff and over 400 administrative staff.
In international standards, we are organizing education and research for Karabük University, focusing on achieving the highest benefit to our country in a manner consistent with national politics. We aim to educate our educational programs with individuals who research, inquire, criticize, take responsibility, use initiative, and develop empathy skills.
We strive to be an important alternative to meet the expectations of our valued young people in an effort to take measures that will increase our students' employment strength, attach importance to cooperation with the sector, and design our programs so that they can respond to sectoral needs rather than just scientific requirements.
We care about projects based on international collaborations, we know the value of outsourcing in universal understanding. We add innovations day by day with protocols that will enable our students and academics to make the most of international exchange programs.
We know that campus life is not just about classes. We therefore believe in the importance of a living settlement and social facilities. We continue to build a settlement with nature in Karabük. Our campus area, reminiscent of a botanical garden, has been transformed into a rehabilitation center where you will forget your hardships. Again within this scope, in the mini zoo built on the campus area, there are about 150 live species in 30 different species.
Karabük University, a research and application center of the region, has set out to serve the regional development in an active way as a scientific data center.
Karabük University is a peaceful university. Where there is no peace, there is no working peace, where there is no working peace, no scientific research, and where there is no scientific research.
We believe that the infrastructure that will enable our precious young people to make the utmost use of information and communication technologies is extremely important. In this sense, our wireless internet network has been offered full service to our campus.
Karabük University is one of the most beautiful examples of State cooperation. The people of Karabük and the administrators are one of our greatest advantages for me to find solutions to my university and problems by taking care of them and approaching our students with the compassion of a parent.